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For anyone who doesn’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have missed that I did two interviews recently. I’ve you’re curious to find out more about how I got into writing and also some more information about Just Another Day at the Office, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what I’m talking about in the interviews. Please do take a look if you like.

AfterDark-Online Interview

Interviewed by Livia Ellis – By the way, if you haven’t read her work yet, I can highly recommend her Memoirs of a Gigolo serialised novel!

Ladies’ Day and What’s Next?









It has been ages since I published Ladies’ Day on Amazon; well that’s how it feels to me anyway. Last October, I took the plunge and unleashed my first story onto the world; a short erotic tale set against the backdrop of the busiest time of year in British horse racing – Royal Ascot. Although it hasn’t been as popular as stories I published after (Just Another Day at the Office, most notably), still I’m told people would like to find out what happens next for Claudia and Peter.

Ladies’ Day tells the story of a chance encounter between Claudia – just your ordinary girl next door with a wild side to her – and Peter, who happens to be parked along the route Claudia takes on her way home from work. Despite their differences in background, social status, and even their significant age gap, they can’t deny the attraction they feel for each other.

Fast-forward four months, and it looks like Peter will be in Claudia’s neighbourhood once more. He invites her to accompany him to yet another horse racing event; British Champions Day. But can they just continue where they left off, or has their moment well and truly passed? Furthermore are the differences between them just too great to overcome?

Just for One Night – Free

Onenight2-siteFor what I’m expecting might be the last time, I’m giving away Just for One Night free on Amazon starting today. The promo will run until Saturday 15th June, so if you haven’t read this short story yet, you’ve still got a few days to get a free copy.

Available for FREE on Amazon; US, UK, DE, FR (and others)

If you’re not sure if Just for One Night is for you, let the excerpt below sway you…



He turns towards me as soon as I reach and I’m frozen in place. Concentrating on continuing to breathe, I tuck my black wavy hair behind my ear and glance in his direction.

I take in his strong Nordic features, his full lips and steely blue eyes that stand in stark contrast against the dark brown of his hair and short beard. All I can manage is a shy smile before hurriedly looking away.

My instincts served me well, if I had stayed in my seat, I would’ve regretted it. I feel tiny standing next to him, which causes me to feel an even stronger attraction. And his eyes on me, I can almost feel them stabbing and probing.

His hands are huge as well, manly. I wonder how he’d touch me, if those hands could be gentle or if they only know how to be rough. There’s no sign of a wedding ring; what a relief.

It has been decided, I want him at any cost.

“What can I get you, darling?” The bartender interrupts my thoughts.

“Oh I’ll have a Bailey’s, thanks.” Taking a deep breath I turn towards my mark. “Would you like anything, while I’m buying already?”

Surprised, it takes him a few seconds to respond. Or perhaps he’s as distracted by our eye contact as I am.

“Ice?” the bartender asks. I nod in response before resuming to look at the giant’s face again.

The short interruption appears to have helped him get his thoughts in line too.

“Another Guinness.” He tells the bartender.

His deep voice matches his impressive stature and makes my heart jump a few beats. I put a Tenner down on the bar, hoping that the goose bumps on my arms aren’t too obvious.

“Mind if I take this seat?” I say, “You’re not holding it for anyone, are you?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

While I get onto the stool, our drinks appear in front of us.

“Cheers,” I’m trying my best to sound a lot more confident than I feel.

“Cheers,” his voice elicits another wave of chills to wash over me.


Just Another Day 4 – the wait is almost over!

Great news, even if I say so myself! I have finished writing Just Another Day at the Office IV. and am currently editing it before publishing. Some of you may already know, but Just Another Day at the Office – the Erotic Romance serial following Cath and John in their budding relationship  – is getting a fourth and final part.

Firstly I’d like to apologise for being behind (on my self-imposed) schedule; ideally I had wanted to publish part 4 during April but now we’re already coming towards the end of May. However, better late than never and I’m confident it won’t disappoint.

The plan is to finish editing within the next couple of days and publish it sometime on Thursday. Keep an eye out on Facebook or Twitter or wherever, I’ll make another announcement to let you know when it’s being processed by Amazon.

Thanks for all your support, and patience. It’s been a lovely experience, writing about these two characters which I have grown very fond of over time. Even though this will be the end of their story, I can’t rule out revisiting them at some point in future, if inspiration hits me. In the meanwhile, I have a few more projects that I’m working on, which I hope you’ll find worth a read as well.

Oh and before I forget, here’s the (very predictable) cover 😉

Just Another Day at the Office - part four

FREE forever! Just Another Day at the Office part one.

Finally it’s time to make a big announcement: After uploading Just Another Day at the Office – I for free on other retailer sites including Smashwords, Google Play, All Romance Ebooks and Kobo, now Amazon has completed their price matching process on and and made the book free there too!

Get your copy, if you haven’t already. And perhaps tell your friends about it if you like?

Just Another Day 1 - med

Just Another Day at the Office – I

FREE on!

FREE on!

Hedonist Six – April Newsletter

Another month, another newsletter! Personally I’m just impressed I haven’t forgotten about it yet, even if this is only the second one ever.

News and stuff

Once again, a very exciting month has just passed. I’ve published a short story, Just for One Night and am working hard on Just Another Day at the Office – IV which should become available sometime this month (I’ll probably send out another quick email once it does).

BUY Just for One Night on Amazon: US UK

I’ve also had the honour of being interviewed by Chase Boehner on his blog towards the end of March.

Just Another Day at the Office – I Free?

Buy at:

Throughout the past 3 months that Just Another Day at the Office has been on Amazon, I’ve been able to do a couple of free giveaways. I enjoyed the idea of giving it away free so much that I wanted to do it permanently.

Just Another Day at the Office – I is now permanently available for FREE on Smashwords, Google Play, Kobo and All Romance Ebooks. Amazon seems to be updating their prices currently and I’ve heard reports that some people were already able to make use of the new free price on!


I’m planning to put up a new page on my website where I answer reader’s questions. If you’re wondering about something or are generally a very nosy person, send me your questions (however naughty!) and I’ll do my best to include them. Or at least answer them by email.

Recently on the Blog

About Heroes and Perfection ;  Should characters in Romantic fiction and Erotic Romance all be supposedly perfect, muscular alpha males? I don’t think so!

Dear Lucy ; After finishing Just for One Night, I kept thinking about Lucy & George so I wrote a tiny little follow up in the shape of the email George sends Lucy the next day.

Friday Filth 2; The second instalment of my new feature “Friday Filth” – a teaser of a particularly hot scene from my short story, Ladies’ Day.

What’s next?

The conclusion of Just Another Day at the Office is coming nearer as I write this; I’m working hard to finish Part 4 which will be the last one. I expect to publish sometime this month.

The next step will be to release all parts as a full novel. Initially it’ll be available as an ebook and I’m also planning to release a paperback version via Amazon.

Also, if you’ve read my interview over on Chase Boehner’s blog, you may have seen that I am working on a new story idea. Slightly more controversial than other stories in that it’s a barely legal relationship between a girl in her 20s and a school boy who just turned 18. The working title is Sinful & Sweet, referring to the name of the bakery run by the main character. Let me know what you think!

I’ve been asked whether there will be more to Just for One Night and indeed I am already getting ideas for it, but it could be a while before I get around to actually writing it! Do let me know if this is something you’re interested in 🙂 Feedback is always welcome and very helpful in trying to sort out my priorities!

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Sneak Peek Sunday (Just for One Night)

He shakes his head slowly before lifting the pint to his lips. I follow suit but can’t help wondering what he’s thinking.

“I don’t see how you’d have that problem. I’m sure you get plenty of attention without even trying,” he says finally, almost mumbling the words into his glass.

I look him right in the eyes and helplessly give in to my urge to grin before answering .

“Perhaps the attention I tend to get without trying isn’t the one I want.”

We just stare at each other for what feels like ages. Neither of us seem in a hurry to look away. I leisurely let my mind wander, still curious what his hands might feel like against my skin. And those lips.

Objectively speaking he looks like the sort of guy you’d avoid messing with if you can help it. I’m certain that when he walks down the street, people will instinctively part to make way. At the same time his mannerisms, his way of speaking have me convinced that behind the imposing facade, he’s a really sweet guy. I wonder what makes me so sure, I don’t even know him… yet.

Onenight2-siteThe above Sneak Peek is from Just for One Night.
A brand new release, exclusively available at Amazon ( US / UK ).

Check out other entries on the Sneak Peek Sunday blog!

Hedonist Six – March Newsletter

Hello lovely subscribers, I’m kind of new to the concept of Newsletters, but I’ll try and keep up.

Personally I hate getting a lot of email, so I’m planning to keep this a monthly affair.

News and stuff

JAD 3 - MedWow, this month has been very exciting indeed! After publishing part two in early February, Part three of Just Another Day at the Office is out now as well!

BUY Just Another Day at the Office – III here:

Amazon, Smashwords

BUY Just Another Day at the Office – II here:

Amazon, Smashwords

FREE: Just Another Day at the Office – I

I’m always on the lookout for new readers who will enjoy this story. One of the best ways I’ve found to do that is to offer part one of this serial for free, so you can decide for yourself if part two, three and four (not out yet) are worth buying.

Have you read Just Another Day and enjoyed it? Please help a struggling author out and tell your friends where to get part one for free!

Just Another Day at the Office – I, free for 3 days starting today, 11th March 2013 on Amazon. (UK Link: Just Another Day at the Office – I)

Shiny New Website & Facebook Page

In addition to the excitement I’ve already mentioned, I also decided in February that I needed a proper website. So I’ve been working my butt off getting it all ready and I do believe I’ve managed it, sort of. Check it out at

If you have any suggestions of what else you’d like to see on my new site, why not let me know. You can respond to this email, or get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or Google plus.

Also, I’ve launched a Facebook page, specifically for my writing; find it here:

My pick of recent Blog Posts

The Sales Guy ; A little mid-week read describing my unnerving meeting with a particularly dishy Freight Sales Rep.

The Amazon Free Promotion Experiment (2) ; I spill the beans on how the free promotion of Just Another Day 1 went, including actual results

What’s coming up?

Just Another Day at the Office – IV – I’ve had a few questions about this already. I am working on it as quickly as I can, with all the other stuff happening lately. I’m doing my best to get it ready for publishing by early April.

Other stories? Why yes, I’ve been having a lot of ideas lately and have started on one in particular. Tentative title; Just for one Night.

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Sneak Peek Sunday (Just Another Day at the Office)

My brain is on autopilot as he witters on about what he expects from me, I try to keep eye contact to a minimum while uttering generic responses where appropriate.

“Yes I understand,” I say.

Punctuality is important, got it. My eyes wander around the room, over the posed photographs of him sharing a handshake with some equally pompous looking dick. Dick – an appropriate nickname for Richard Porter – purchasing manager at the large electronic components distributor where I will be working soon. By now I’ve seen enough of the over dressed hardboard office from where he rules his domain and I stealthily glance through the window that overlooks the office floor. The desks are arranged in groups of three or four with partition walls surrounding each cluster. Most group arrangements that I can see are fully occupied except one.

“Yes indeed I’m very excited to start my career here …” I hear myself say.

I give Richard – Dick – a quick glance. Pointless, he’s still looking at my cleavage. Perhaps I should offer him a tissue. I try to breathe through my mouth to avoid the “manly” smell he’s producing.

Outside on the office floor the man who sits alone in a grouping of three desks catches my eye. He turns around on his chair as he answers the phone and only now I can fully appreciate him. Not much older than me, if I had to guess I’d say maybe he’s about 30. His full head of dark blonde hair, a bit messy and just slightly longer than intended. A perfect face, if there can be such a thing. Completely regular features and a straight nose as if copied from an ancient Greek statue; not that I recall seeing many Greek statues of a man of his size. I can’t tell their exact colour from here but even at this distance his eyes exude kindness and warmth. He looks so serious, speaking into the phone with his full, sensual lips and a thoughtful look on his face.

The above Sneak Peek is from Just Another Day 1 - tinyJust Another Day at the Office ; part one.
You will be able to download it for free on Amazon ( US / UK ) from Monday 11th March to Wednesday, 13th March!
Parts two and three are also available, with a fourth in the making.

Check out other entries on the Sneak Peek Sunday blog!

Just Another Day at the Office – III ; Out Now!


Thanks for all your patience, as well as regular encouragement this past month. Finally I have finished and jumped through all the necessary hoops in order to publish Just Another Day at the Office part three on Amazon and some other retailers.

The official book page is up on this site also where you will be able to see links to buy it at all retailers, as well as an excerpt.

Currently, you can buy it here:
(more retailers to be added shortly)
Amazon: US, UK, DE, FR (and others)
All Romance Ebooks