Despite the rather abstract name, Hedonist Six is a real person. She’s happy to be contacted for interview opportunities as well as the occasional guest post on other people’s blogs.

Quick Facts:

  • She’s an independent author, who started her career in 2012.
  • Her work can best be described as “Uncensored Romance”. The connection between the main characters takes centre-stage, but not much happens behind closed doors.
  • Some of her favourite words contain only four letters, yet another thing left “uncensored” in her work.
  • Unlike every other writer out there, she does not drink coffee. But take away her chocolate and tea, and all hell will break loose.
  • She has recently moved to India with her husband.
  • When she’s not writing, she’s off living her secret life as a housewife, who totally doesn’t write spicy romances at all… As far as everyone else knows.
  • When they first meet her, most people can’t quite figure out the origins of her accent.
  • Over the past few years, she’s written two (serialized) novels, and a bunch of novellas and short stories, which are all in the process of being reworked and republished.
  • Find her publications here: Amazon

Short Bio:

Hedonist Six is an author of Erotic Romance based in London. Nobody’s perfect, neither are her characters, which makes them all the more relatable and well-liked by her fans. Reviewers have described her debut novel Just Another Day at the Office as heart-felt and unique within the genre.


  • One Night Stand (Chance Encounters, Book 1, releasing on 7th October 2016)
  • Beautiful Stranger (Chance Encounters, Book 2, releasing on 7th November 2016)
  • Only a Taste (Chance Encounters, Book 3, releasing on 7th December 2016)
  • At First Sight (Short Story, available on Amazon now)
  • Gratis Erotica Anthologies (FREE multi-author anthologies featuring a vast array of short erotica/erotic romance)
  • Begging for It (Multi-author Anthology edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Hedonist Six contributed a short story titled Rediscovery).
  • Just Another Day at the Office (Serialised novel, released from January – May 2013, full novel edition released in July 2013) – To be relaunched in 2017
  • The Rebound List (Serialised novel, released from December 2013 – July 2014, full novel edition released in July 2014) – To be relaunched in 2017

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