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  • Only a Taste – Out Now! - I’m very excited to announce that today my latest release, Only a Taste (Chance Encounters #3) goes live! This is the third in the Chance Encounters series and follows Mandi Grewal as she tries to figure out life as a … Continue reading
  • Gratis : Summer Fling. A taste of Summer. - It’s live! Gratis : Summer Fling, the fourth and final Gratis Erotica Anthology is now available for download at all major ebook retailers. To celebrate, we’re running a little giveaway (see below), but first, some more information about the book … Continue reading
  • Friday Filth: The Rebound List - In preparation of Monday’s official launch, here’s a little snippet of something that happens early on in The Rebound List…  Looking at him, despite the dimmed light of the theatre, still I feel a jolt run through me when our … Continue reading
  • Stranger (The Rebound List 3) Chapter 1 - Disclaimer: This is a rough draft, it has not been edited or revised yet so I apologise in advance for mistakes and typos. I’m having one of those evenings. The ones that stretch on forever. Can’t sleep but can’t face … Continue reading
  • The Rebound List – Deleted Scene - I’m starting work on The Rebound List #3, Stranger, and with it am thinking about what’s to come. This scene has been left out of Silver Fox and I’m not sure it fits into Stranger either so I may just … Continue reading
  • Still on the Rebound (Silver Fox) - If you’ve read Virgin (The Rebound List #1) and are wondering what’s going to happen next, here’s a little sample of #2, Silver Fox: Commuting by bus can be a pain in the ass. This winter morning it’s cold, drizzly … Continue reading
  • Friday Filth 5 - This Friday Filth teaser is from British Champions, the sequel to Ladies’ Day (so you might want to start there if you haven’t read it yet…) “You’re special. Let me show you how special…” He peels my top off slowly, … Continue reading
  • A Day in the Life of – me actually - The lovely Miranda Stork has kindly allowed me to take up a little space on her blog today for her A Day in the Life feature. So if you’ve ever wondered what I (and the other people she’s featured previously) … Continue reading
  • Friday Filth 4 - It’s only obvious that I’ve chosen Just for One Night to pick a teaser from for Friday Filth this week; Get your copy FREE from Amazon (US, UK) until Saturday 15th June! A glint appears in his eyes and before I … Continue reading
  • Just for One Night – Free - For what I’m expecting might be the last time, I’m giving away Just for One Night free on Amazon starting today. The promo will run until Saturday 15th June, so if you haven’t read this short story yet, you’ve still … Continue reading

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