This page is being put together under the assumption that everyone is as nosy when it comes to other people as I am myself 😉 Below are a selection of questions I’ve been asked by readers and randoms online. Feel free to submit anything you’d like to see added here either by leaving a comment or contacting me and I might decide include it in future!

What’s with the name?

Not sure how it started but “Hedonist” has been an internet alias of mine for years now. I felt it would be fitting as a pseudonym considering the genre I’m writing in and my general outlook in life. The reason for adding “Six” to the end was initially simply that Amazon insisted I needed a last name and so I lazily made it a number.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Honestly? No. I have dabbled a bit here and there, written blog posts and such, but didn’t venture into fiction until fairly recently. What held me back was the worry that I wouldn’t know what to write about. It didn’t occur to me that the things I daydream about almost on a daily basis were worth recording. As such I suppose I’ve always had the stereotypical “writer personality”; a creative introvert who thinks / fantasises about imaginary people – I just didn’t realise it.

So what exactly made you start writing?

I’ve always been an avid reader, though ever since joining the 9 to 5 rat race I’ve not really had much time to. But until “that book with the tie on the cover” came out, I’d never read any Erotica or Erotic Romance; only Horror, Thrillers, Crime, even Fantasy. And I didn’t like it, it left me cold. But seeing that Erotica is a “thing”, somehow flipped a switch in my head, urging me to dig up all those dreams and fantasies from my mind which do affect me, and share them for those with similar tastes. So yes, I’m one of “those” Erotica writers who started only after the genre became a bit more mainstream. But far from trying to emulate that trilogy, I see my work as reactionary; as an answer to the frustration I felt as a reader that those books missed their aim on me completely.

Are any of your books based in fact? (Are your main characters you?)

Everything I’ve published so far is completely made up, although there are a few bits and pieces on my blog which are totally true (maybe one day I’ll finish and publish that as a book, but I can’t see it happening any time soon!). As such, no, my female characters are not me, though I do borrow from my own personality and likes and dislikes to make them more real. Similarly the male characters in my stories do not represent real people though some of the situations they get themselves into may be loosely inspired by real events.

Do your friends / family know what you write?

So far, I’ve been writing alongside a full-time day job. Only two people in my life know about my writing; my husband and my best friend, the rest are blissfully unaware that I write at all. I’m not ashamed of it, but I don’t want it to make things awkward at work or with my extended family. Perhaps if I’m able to progress to writing full-time I’ll be more open about it, but there will always be some family members who simply do not need to know.

Have you considered moving into other genres?

Definitely. So far I haven’t had the time, but it’s something I’d love to try. As I mentioned above, I love to read other genres, why not start writing in them as well. Possibly under my real name or another pseudonym, I haven’t decided yet.

Why has everyone in your books got baggage? Why not write about normal, well adjusted, confident people?

Simply put, because that would be boring. Normal people are not well adjusted and confident; normal people worry that they’re too fat, too skinny, too hairy, too bald, too old, too ugly, too boring and possibly a whole lot more stuff I haven’t mentioned yet. What interests me is how people move beyond these issues to form relationships, so that’s what I try to incorporate in my work.

Have you done xyz like in your books?

Care to give an example? Actually it depends. while I can’t say I’ve picked up strangers for sex for instance, if we’re talking about the actual intimate acts I describe then probably, yes. I firmly believe that I should write what I know; the back stories and situations might differ, but at the very least I think as a writer you need to feel confident that you can empathise with the characters and put yourself in their shoes to feel what they feel. Otherwise the emotional aspect of the story won’t come through to the reader.

What inspires you?

Not sure. Stories tend to start with a thought or a scenario which just materialises in my head and then I spend some time imagining how and why the people in question would end up there or what might happen next. I wish it was more scientific than that but it isn’t. To help me get in the right frame of mind, I listen to music or just sit around quietly and think. Sadly this might make me quite boring company! 😉

So what does *insert character name here* actually look like?

While I probably have a very clear mental image of their appearance, I like to keep descriptions quite minimal in my books. As a reader I enjoy getting that kind of freedom, so that’s how I write; if I’m being vague it’s a conscious decision. If you absolutely need to know in more detail, contact me and ask!

I’ve bought your book for Kindle but I want to read it on another ereader, how do I move your books over from one to the other?

I don’t use DRM (digital rights management), so you should be able to download copies of my books from Kindle or elsewhere according to the device’s instructions and convert it using a software like Calibre Ebook Management or similar. If that’s not possible for whatever reason, why not get in touch and (upon being shown proof of purchase) I’ll be happy to provide a different format of the same book so you can use it on another device.

I run a book blog / website / Facebook page. Do you give out Review copies?

Yes of course, please contact me with details of your site.

Would you like to have cybersex? (or any variant thereof)

No, go away.

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