Hi everyone, my name is “H”, or Hedonist and I  am a writer.

(I just realised the above sounds like an introduction at an AA meeting, nevermind.)

I have written a number of books, published mostly on Amazon Kindle but slowly moving into other platforms as well. As the homepage on this website already states, I write Erotic Romance.

There is just something about that genre; how it affects us when we read about the most intimate details of a couple’s relationship – however brief – which I find irresistible.

In every day life I may seem like any other girl in her 20s, but I have a tendency to become obsessed with figments of my own imagination. Since I am in the unique position to write exactly what makes me blush, I figured I ought to share my work for those out there with similar tastes.

And my tastes may be peculiar, but I know I’m not alone. I know you readers out there want stories which will make your knees weak. With characters so believable that you might meet them in the local supermarket one day.  But since that might not happen today, I want you to immerse yourself in one of my books, and see life as one of “them”.

You may wonder where my inspiration originates. It’s the little things, frankly. A place, a remark, a thought which somehow pops up and grows into a story. For example, my first published story, Ladies’ Day (which was later expanded upon to become the novella, Beautiful Stranger) came to me while I drove around the beautiful Berkshire countryside. Or crawled rather, because Royal Ascot was on and the traffic was abysmal. And I wondered what might happen if two people found each other in this chaos.

You will rarely find the classic & perfect Alpha male in my books, because real people are not perfect. And that is what makes them so appealing to me. I believe our search for love is just a quest to find another whose flaws compliment ours. A strong woman with a man seeking that same strength, and vice versa.

Contrast is a wonderful thing, one that can spice up life like nothing else. And I find it oh so appealing for the contrast to be physical as well. Because truthfully, that’s what gets me off in reality. I like my man to tower over me, to make me feel small. Hopefully you feel the same way!