George & Lucy from Just for One Night go International!

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It’s an exciting month, dear readers! In an effort to expand and make the most of the books I’ve already written, I’ve been researching other markets lately. I’ve been considering branching out into audiobooks, especially now that ACX has opened up to UK authors. For those that don’t know, ACX is an Amazon related company which allows you to produce an audiobook that will then be sold on Audible. You can either hire a narrator and pay them upfront, agree on a royalty split, or do it yourself. I’m still deciding 🙂

Also, I’ve signed up on another website, called Babelcube, which is similar to the royalty split model offered by ACX, except it’s for translations rather than audiobooks. And a little while after I put up my short story Just for One Night, I started getting offers from translators.

Here’s how it works: I uploaded a description of the book and sample, translators make an offer on books they’re interested in, submitting a sample, the author decides whether or not to proceed, and if so, both parties agree to the contract. Then the translator starts working on the first 10 pages, which I suppose serves as a lengthier sort of sample, the author then needs to approve or make suggestions before the translator does the rest.

After the translation has been completed, the author needs to provide the cover image (Babelcube suggest that it’s the same as the English version, but with the translated title the translator provides), and the book can be published. Once everything is confirmed for publication, Babelcube will start uploading the book on sites like Amazon, Kobo, etc., as well as a lot of smaller, regional sites.

By the way, throughout the entire process, there’s a private messaging system that can be used to keep in touch with the translator. That way, if they have any questions about how to best translate certain phrases you’ve used, they can simply ask. Similarly, I was able to ask my translators to let me know an appropriate translation for my tagline, “Uncensored Romance”, so I could put that on the cover as well 🙂

So at the moment, I’m waiting for the Spanish book to start showing up everywhere, I’m about ready to publish the Italian one, and I have a Portuguese translation still in progress. I’m curious to see if I’ll get offers for other languages!

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