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Onenight2-siteFor what I’m expecting might be the last time, I’m giving away Just for One Night free on Amazon starting today. The promo will run until Saturday 15th June, so if you haven’t read this short story yet, you’ve still got a few days to get a free copy.

Available for FREE on Amazon; US, UK, DE, FR (and others)

If you’re not sure if Just for One Night is for you, let the excerpt below sway you…



He turns towards me as soon as I reach and I’m frozen in place. Concentrating on continuing to breathe, I tuck my black wavy hair behind my ear and glance in his direction.

I take in his strong Nordic features, his full lips and steely blue eyes that stand in stark contrast against the dark brown of his hair and short beard. All I can manage is a shy smile before hurriedly looking away.

My instincts served me well, if I had stayed in my seat, I would’ve regretted it. I feel tiny standing next to him, which causes me to feel an even stronger attraction. And his eyes on me, I can almost feel them stabbing and probing.

His hands are huge as well, manly. I wonder how he’d touch me, if those hands could be gentle or if they only know how to be rough. There’s no sign of a wedding ring; what a relief.

It has been decided, I want him at any cost.

“What can I get you, darling?” The bartender interrupts my thoughts.

“Oh I’ll have a Bailey’s, thanks.” Taking a deep breath I turn towards my mark. “Would you like anything, while I’m buying already?”

Surprised, it takes him a few seconds to respond. Or perhaps he’s as distracted by our eye contact as I am.

“Ice?” the bartender asks. I nod in response before resuming to look at the giant’s face again.

The short interruption appears to have helped him get his thoughts in line too.

“Another Guinness.” He tells the bartender.

His deep voice matches his impressive stature and makes my heart jump a few beats. I put a Tenner down on the bar, hoping that the goose bumps on my arms aren’t too obvious.

“Mind if I take this seat?” I say, “You’re not holding it for anyone, are you?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

While I get onto the stool, our drinks appear in front of us.

“Cheers,” I’m trying my best to sound a lot more confident than I feel.

“Cheers,” his voice elicits another wave of chills to wash over me.


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